About LP Angus Ranch

Our Story

The LP Ranch began as a cow/calf operation in 2000 and quickly transitioned to a registered Black Angus operation in 2002. For 22 years we have been developing our herd to provide our customers with rugged, range ready cattle. We have worked diligently to develop bulls that last, are tough in our challenging climate, easy to work with and produce low birth weight calves who grow quickly. Our cows have been selected for calving ease, good maternal instincts and they handle motherhood well.

We believe strongly in being good stewards of the land. We rotationally graze our pastures to ensure the best nutrition for the cattle, while also giving the land the time it needs to rest and rebuild. The cattle are provided with the nutrition that helps them develop optimally, clean water and a good environmental setting.

Our staff is hands on with the cattle and work closely with them each day. These cattle are born on the ranch and raised on the ranch. Our staff is made up of 5 key people who each bring their own unique knowledge and talents to the ranch.

Our Staff